RS-20-10 MTM Case-Gard Ammo Belt Carrier 223 Rem 5.56 300 BLK



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Worn on the belt, this CASE-GARD ammo carrier puts twenty rounds at the hunter’s fingertips. Each cartridge fits into its own recess, bullet down for easy removal. Two special ribs protect the bullet from touching the bottom of the case to guard against tip damage (which can change the flight characteristics of a bullet). Not only will your ammo be protected from dust and moisture, but the MTM Snap-Lok latch will prevent accidental openings. The calibers listed below will provide bullet tip protection with very little rattle; however, calibers not listed will fit loosely.


.17, .221, .222 Rem. Mag., .223, .256 Win. Mag., 30 Carbine, .35 Win. SL, 6 x47 300 AAC Blackout

Color: GREEN

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