HP1008 Forster Hollow Pointer Kits 1/8″



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Hollow Pointer Kits

Improve performance and save money by making your own hollow-pointed rounds. Hollow-pointing lets shooters fine-tune bullet weight to improve ballistics. Use the Hollow Pointer attachment on the Original Case Trimmer to drill cavities in the noses of cast or jacketed soft-nose bullets.

  • Forster-exclusive – only tool of its kind on the market.
  • Available in either 1/8″ (usually used for handgun rounds) or 1/16″ (usually used for rifle rounds) drill sizes.
  • Install the Hollow Pointer drill into the Cutter Shaft. Place a loaded cartridge in the Case Trimmer Collet. The bushing centers the drill’s tip against the nose of the bullet as the cartridge is locked in place.
  • Control the hollow point depth by setting the stop collar of your trimmer to fit your own requirements.
  • May require a Long (CT1010-CTB103) Case Trimmer Base for very long rounds.

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