AC5062 Silencerco GDCH Charge Handle Black AR-15



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Say goodbye to blow back gasses from your AR pelting you in the face

The GDCH has a proprietary design feature that incorporates an O-ring seal to prevent gas from escaping from the most prominent point of egress. This seal mitigates the amount of gas that is blown back into the shooter’s face, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience.

In addition to significantly redirecting blow back, the GDCH offers ambidextrous and oversized levers for a smooth process when charging or clearing a rifle. It is completely manufactured in-house and is machined from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. Shooters can utilize the GDCH with all common chamberings for the AR-15 platform.

Tech Specs

SKU AC5062
DESCRIPTION AR-15 Charging Handle
MSRP $114
MATERIAL Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum
FINISH Type III Hard Anodize
  • ­­Uses an O-ring seal to redirect blow back 
  • ­­Machined from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum
  • Type III Hard Anodize finish  
  • Features ambidextrous design for intuitive manipulation and smooth charging 
  • MSRP of $114.00

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