88305 Redding NXGen Carbide Handgun Die Sets 45 GAP


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NxGEN Carbide Die Sets for Handgun Cartridges

The all new Redding NxGEN Carbide Dies for handgun cartridges offer an unprecedented level of precision for your handloads. Utilizing the latest advances in materials and manufacturing technologies, NxGEN dies are able to maximize cartridge to chamber conformity. Better materials,better manufacturing and better engineering coupled with all new internal designs translates to better function, better case life and better groups.

The evolution of perfection – they’re just better!

The conventional three (3) die set includes the NxGEN carbide sizing die (NX-C), the expander die (EXP) and the standard bullet seating die (ST) with built in crimp.

The best possible handloads can be attained by crimping after the bullet has been seated in place.

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