86776 Redding Z Series 1″ Type-S Full Length Bushing Sizing Die 300 PRC


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Z Series 1″ Type-S Full Length Bushing Sizing Die

Experience the new benchmark for precision handloading!!

Redding announces a new benchmark in precision handloading.  The revolutionary “Z Series” Die family utilizes larger, stronger, more robust 1″ die bodies.

Redding engineering has proven that modern high performance cartridge designs of today are severely taxing the capabilities of traditional 7/8″ reloading dies.  The 7/8″ diameter became the industry standard in the post WWII era, but today’s  new cartridge designs provide numerous reasons to question that standard.  In short, it is all about the strength of material, the stresses induced and the deformation that occurs in the die itself.

With the revolutionary “Z Series” dies, the handloader can see the difference, feel the difference and measure the difference.  Based on their relative strength, the “Z Series” dies are as much as 2X stronger than the traditional 7/8″ dies.  Extensive lab testing has shown that this increased strength and rigidity provides significantly reduced sizing effort as well as more consistent and measurable sized case dimensions.

With a simple die bushing change, the new “Z Series” dies are readily adaptable to most reloading presses.  Bushing Part #70030

“Z Series” turret heads (#67073 and #67034) along with Extended Range Neck Size Bushings (.394 thru .405) are also available.  Please contact us for availability.

All dies are supplied without bushings.

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