42123 Wolff Delta Elite 10mm 23# Recoil Spring Factory Standard



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W.C. Wolff Company offers single recoil springs for the Delta Elite 10mm pistol. When using a Wolff single recoil spring to replace the original dual-springs, a standard diameter Colt (1911 series) recoil spring guide MUST be used in place of the smaller guide supplied with the Delta Elite. Full length guide rod systems may also be used, provided they do not reduce the recoil space. The smaller internal spring supplied with the pistol must not be used with the Wolff single recoil spring. Note: The dual factory springs are rated at 23 pounds.

  • Reduced Power..: 18.5, 20 & 22 Lb.
  • Factory Standard: 23 Lb.
  • Extra Power…….: 24. 26 & 28 Lb.

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