30450 Wolff AR15 Sporter M16 Rifle SPRING Service XP Pak


AR-15, Sporter & M16 Complete EXTRA POWER Spring Pak

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 Rifle Service: EXTRA POWER PAK

Rifle Service Pak – Springs to return rifle to original factory condition. All springs are factory specification strength with the exception of the action (or recoil) spring which is extra power. Extra Power Paks contains 1 each:

  • XP action spring
  • bolt catch spring
  • buffer retainer spring
  • disconnector spring
  • dust cover spring
  • ejector spring
  • extractor spring
  • forward assist spring
  • front sight retainer spring
  • hammer spring
  • magazine catch spring
  • trigger spring.

Standard Power & Reduced Power Paks include their respective rated (STD, RP) Recoil springs and everything else listed above.


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