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 Master Hunter Series Die Set

308masterhunter4siteRedding Offers New Master Hunter Series Dies To Enhance Hunting Accuracy!


On the heels of the profound success of the Redding National Match Die Sets, their hunting customers have clamored for a similar “Upgraded” die set for the most popular hunting calibers currently in use. Redding has responded by creating a new series of die sets named “Master Hunter”. These new Master Hunter die sets include a full length sizing die coupled with the highly respected Redding Competition Seating Die.

All hunters know that full length sizing is critical when a high stress follow up shot is needed in the “real world” of hunting situations. While neck sizing is fine for the range, hunting ethics demand that the hunter makes every effort to assure that his or her harvest is done with the greatest care for the animal. A stuck case or failure to properly feed can result in a long night of tracking or worse-a wounded animal is lost. The standard full length sizer also allows the use of all brands of cases which fit the SAAMI standard without the need to change bushings as would be required with the Type-S Match Full set.

The Redding Competition Seating Die is recognized as a superior straight line seating die, which supports the case and controls the bullet for the best concentricity possible with the components used. The Competition Seating Die does not contain a crimp, but today many premium hunting bullets lack a “crimp groove” for a traditional roll crimp function. Redding does offer an accessory crimp die for many of the calibers in this new series if a crimp is deemed to be a necessity.

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