1022 Speer Bullet .224″ TNT Green Bullet 43 gr Box/100



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TNT Green Bullet .224″ 43 Grain

Product Overview

Exclusive non-lead bullet technology gives Speer TNT Green an edge over all other options—and all varmints. The bullet uses a thin jacket around a compressed powder core to produce not only pinpoint long-range accuracy, but also explosive expansion and instant energy release on impact.

  • Non-lead projectile
  • Thin jacket around compressed powder core
  • Explosive performance
  • Accurate, flat-shooting design
  • Excellent for varmints


Bullet Weight 43
Caliber .224
Bullet Style TNT Jacketed Hollow Point
Type Copper
Ballistic Coefficient .150
Bullet Length In 0.655in. / 16.64mm
Sectional Density 0.122
Diameter In 0.22
Diameter Mm 5.69
Package Quantity 100
Usage Small Game

Additional information

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 3.30 × 2.30 × 1.20 in
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