07300 Redding Imperial Bio-Green Case Lube



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Redding Introduces Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant!

Lubricating cases for sizing and forming has always been a petroleum-based effort. Redding now introduces a new plant based sizing lube which is highly effective, completely bio-degradable and totally renewable. Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant sets a new standard for pad applied resizing lubricants. As hunters are the truly greatest environmentalists our nation has ever known, and as reloaders we are some of the first true recyclers, it is appropriate that we continue to look at ways to improve our hobbies and benefit our environment.

Imperial Bio Green Case Lubricant can be used on any pad type lubricant applicator and provides superior lubrication capabilities. It will not stain your brass and offers easy water cleanup making it perfect for use with ultrasonic case cleaners.


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